Regolamento del Riviera Palace

  • Smoking is forbidden inside the residence.
  • Change a dirty laundry at the cloakroom on the ground floor; from 9.00 am to 10.30 am – on Wednesday, only bath towels – On Friday, complete linen for over a week stays.
  • For Sky service and outgoing calls contact Reception No. 9
  • Take the garbage outside the residence to the proper dustbins.
  • For those on the first floor not slam tablecloths outside.
  • The departure day the flat must be left in perfect condition, the dishwasher empty and all the dirty laundry grouped in the bathroom.
  • All guests are required strictly to comply with the rules concerning the public and private tranquility and peace(Art. 659 c.p. “Disorder of the occupations or the people rest”),avoiding any noisy behavior.
  • It is forbidden to destroy, consume and make, in whole or in part unusable movable or immovable property (ex Art. 635 c.p. “Damage”)
  • In case it is not be observed in full or in part this Regulation, the Management reserves the right to request an early departure from our residence, with no refund of the stay not used.
  • We inform our customers that, even in your absence, authorized personnel from Residence Riviera Palace can enter the apartment repairs and maintenance or urgent situations concerning security.
  • It is mandatory to read and comply with the Regulation of the pool and play area, for their own and others’ safety.
  • Riviera Palace Residence if necessary, can use internal staff to maintain people and properties safety. The same staff is authorized to walk away the customer from the residence who do not comply with these Rules.
  • Guests of the Riviera Palace tacitly accepts the above-mentioned and cited relevant articles of the law.

Rules for the acceptance of our 4-legged friends

For the respect of the other guests and for the common rules of hygiene, the owners must act as guarantors for compliance with the rules set out below (Regulations for animals):

  • At our residence pets are allowed, upon notice;
  • The cost of stay of the animal is € 50 / week due to a more thorough cleaning of the flat and with adequate detergents and sanitizing compared to normal;
  • Small and medium-sized dogs are allowed, must not exceed 12-15 kg;
  • In the common areas of the residence, animals must be brought on a leash or in a cage;
  • In each apartment is allowed to have maximum one animal;
  • The customer must be adequately equipped for the welfare of his / her own animal, including carriers and travel kennels;
  • It is absolutely forbidden to pick up the animal on the beds, armchairs, chairs, tables etc .;
  • In the apartments the animals must not be left unattended;
  • The pet must be used to living at home and in a cleansing regime. If your pets cause too much noise and noise, you can request an early departure without any refund. Barking dogs or cat meowing disturbs other guests.
  • Pet owners accept full responsibility for damage that may result from the animals.

The Management