Vacation in Loano

Loano, typical Ligurian town of “Riviera di Ponente”, overlooking the sea and protected by an arc of mountains on the back, it enjoys a particularly favorable climate, characterized by moderate summers and short winters with mild temperature.

The City of Loano has achieved certification for its environmental management system according to ISO 14000. The location has received from the Italian-FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) assignment of the blue flag for the quality of its beaches and the quality of services of the marina (“Marina di Loano”) in 2014 and in 2015.

The Province of Savona has an incredible variety and beauty of environments, both along the Riviera and in the hinterland. The richness of nature, made of large forests, streams and rivers full of water, and the Apennines mountain peaks, clear blue sea, ancient villages, belts of olive groves and the majestic palm trees along the Riviera. the coast protected by the mountains is various and attractive, with wide sandy beaches and stony promontory, particularly suitable for sporting activities.